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The tea gardens of God's Own Country, are perfect ambassadors of the state, personifying beauty, serenity, charm and the path to nirvana. Climactic conditions of the backwaters nourishes the tea plant. They are a major source of sustenance for hundreds and thousands of laborers, comprising mostly the womenfolk. Fragrant leaves are picked and make their way to the processing laboratories where they are packaged into black, green and oolong varieties.

The cooler climes of Munnar showcase verdant tea estates. The sultans of steel, the Tata Group lords over these tea gardens. Pack in a trip to the historic tea processing factory and cull interesting information about this amazing shrub. Besides the steel giant, you can stack your bags with aromatic delights from stables of Brooke Bond, Harrison Malayalam among others. Famous Assamese tea also jostles for space in the tea estates of Munnar.

Devikulam in the district of Idukki also houses sprawling tea plantations. You can also pay a visit to the hill destination of Peerumadu on your journey to the lovely Thekkady and witness marvels of nature.

The lush tea plantation that has blossomed around the Anayirankal Dam claims huge footfalls all round the year. The verdant locale is a popular tourist haunt as it couples as a field day along with nature gazing.

Chithirapuram is another famed tea plantation. Team up your tour to the breathtaking tea gardens with a visit to the Pallyvasal Hydel Power Project.

Grampi, Pathanamthitta, Vilangakunnu, Ponumudi are some of the other important tea plantations of Kerala.The tea plantations of Kerala employ about eighty-four thousand laborers and over twenty lakh people derive their bread and butter from these tea estates. Kerala registered twenty six percent hike in the total output between 1980 and 2000 and is a huge money spinner for the state.

The tea industry of Kerala fuels the burgeoning tourism industry of the state too. Stroll through the verdant tea estates on your holiday to majestic Kerala. Cashing in on the tourist frenzy, the booming hospitality sector has jumped on to the bandwagon. Hundreds and thousands of hotels and luxurious resorts have mushroomed in and around tea estates. You can have a whale of time exploring the tea gardens and sights and sounds that dots the state.

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Want to know where the original Indian masala tea comes from? It yes, then don’t forget to visit Kerala’s tea and spices farms! And it you are lucky enough, you may get to see fresh tea leaves getting hand plucked! And by the way, did you know Kerala houses a stock market wholly dedicated to spices – the Cochin Stock Exchange!

The story of Kerala's spices dates back to many thousands of years into the past. Kerala's claim to fame in the ancient world rested mainly with her fabulous riches brought about due to total monopoly over spices.

The ancient port of Musiris was the centre of the world trade many aeons ago - the spice trade being central to its legendary fame. It can be said that the Western colonisation itself a fallout of the race to control the spice trade from Kerala. Vasco Da Gama's arrival was just the culmination of the western world's rush to find the sea route to the Indies and its spices trade.

Within the last decade the international trade in spices has grown to an estimated 500,000 tonnes of spices and herbs valued at more than 1500 million US dollars. It is a matter of pride for the tiny state of Kerala that the bulk of this trade is still from Kerala. Some spices that have made Kerala a household word in the spices world are listed below.


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